Under the sink there are three plastic bins where you can throw:

  • See on the map where you can throw glass and metall
  • Deposit for bottles and cans/Pant, please rinse out bottles and cans 🙂
  • Other garbage you throw to the right of the gate.


Bottles and cans with this symbol, put them in the plastic bin under the sink that says DEPOSIT/PANT. Remember to Rinse out the jar/bottle first!

Pant Retur, pant, flaska

Thank you!


It makes it easier for me if you put your bedlinen and towels in the laundry basket in the bedroom closet.

Thank you!

QR Golden ball

The most different project I have ever received

Read more about the Golden Ball Project.


This is an air purifier, it is pleasant to use, the air becomes fresh. It makes a little noise, so maybe you don’t want to use it when you go to sleep, but turn it on during the day and it will be extra nice when it’s time to go to bed.


Sleep well!

Sonos Speaker

Nespresso Machine

The lights

Feel free to light the candles in the fireplace, it will be cozy! Remember to turn them on and off, don’t use the timer-setting.


If you need

Behind the green curtain below the stairs are extra cleaning agents, toilet paper and a vacuum cleaner. I don’t mean that you should dust and scrub floors, I do that, but it could be that there is an accident and then you might need something, then it is here.

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